Our Web Hosting Solutions

Appsilonz Web Hosting gives you a wide range opportunity to slect you desired hosting plan or mail us your requirements and we will send you the quote and on confirmation we will build a new hosting plan according to your needs. Also our web hosting servers has a wide range of applications and scripts support.

The applications like Softacalus, Ruby on Rails, Ruby Gems, etc., Scripts of various categories like Blogs, CMS, ERP, CRM, Hel Desk, Billing, etc., Some of them are wordpress, joomla, presta shop, etc.,

We are working continuously to make web hosting easier and to reach all the people and make every one to have their own domain name and wbsite for them and their business.

Apart from web hosting we also offer other services, such as Domain Name registration, Bulk SMS, E-Commerce Site Design & development, Payment Gateway Integeration, Search Engine Optimization SEO, Web, Mobile & System Application Development, PC, Laptop all System Accessories Sales & Service, CCTV, etc.,

Web Hosting

Multiple Servers at Different Locations

Appsilonz Web Hosting, has multiple servers at different locations around the world. Our web hosting servers are all connected to these 100 Mbps ports, which is then connected to the datacentre backbone, capable of up to the cool 90 Gb per second bandwidth! we have our servers in (Dallas, Texas, Uttah, West coast) USA, and in (Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad) INDIA.


Protected with UPS & generators

Our web hosting servers are under high security and surveillance by CCTV, Monitoring with high grade hardwares and softwares. For heat detection, hardware failures, etc., In addition to high physical security, all servers are protected with UPS and backup generators, you just can't beat this affordable peace of mind to have a tention free hosting. Host your files with us we take care of them safely.


Easily install CMSs

All our accounts come with Softaculous Premium allowing you to install popular software such as Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla and Magento in one easy step.


cPanel or Plesk control panel

We provide cPanel for Linux Platforms and Plesk for Windows Platforms, we have both linux and windows platforms. We also have email hosting accounts and easy to use control panels. Which can be used by every one very easily, without hassle.


High security and performance

We provide high grade enterprise solutions with enterprise grade hardwares and softwares used in our servers and systems. Also network hardwares like routers, switches.


No question is too stupid

Our expert team is available all the time to help you to resolve the issues and also help you in setting up your accounts and servers, for you.

So, why Appsilonz Web Hosting? Because we have all-inclusive prices and unbeatable value
Other companies promise cheap hosting, but then charge extra for setup fees, higher renewal
rates, or promotional services.